NOVA Technology held the "SASE Technology Forum" to help enterprises digital transformation


Recently, Gartner released the latest 2023 network technology maturity curve. It can be seen that SASE has stepped out of the initial hype period and begun to gradually move towards a new round of practical implementation stage.

Against this background, NOVA Technology held the "SASE Technology Forum" in Shanghai on September 15, inviting experts in the field of SASE and computing network integration from the Institute of Technology and Standards of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology, as well as relevant leaders from various industries and enterprises to discuss SASE. Challenges and solutions in practice provide new ideas for enterprise digital transformation.

The development trend of SASE: showing a rapid upward trend

SASE expert Xiaodong Dang and computing network integration expert Yunchang Zhang  from the Internet Center of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology respectively delivered keynote speeches, analyzing the overall development trend of SASE and industry development challenges, and giving suggestions.

Xiaodong Dang, SASE expert at the Internet Center of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Xiaodong Dang believes that with the innovation and evolution of ICT technology and the accelerated development of the digital economy, computing network infrastructure has become an important starting point for the digital economy, and SASE has become a new driving force for empowering computing network infrastructure. The world attaches great importance to SASE development opportunities. SASE has become a hot solution in the global ICT industry, and the market is showing a rapid upward trend.

However, the overall development process of my country's SASE standards lags behind the research process of international standards. There is a lack of mature industrial implementation practice, and initial practice also faces a lot of challenges. In this regard, Xiaodong Dang suggested strengthening the construction of SASE standards from the aspects of top-level design, technical system, and industrial ecology.

Yunchang Zhang , Internet center computing and network integration expert at the Institute of Technology and Standards of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology

As an expert in the field of computing and network integration, Yunchang Zhang  shared the connotation, capabilities, and hot technologies of computing and network integration, and introduced the application scenarios of computing and network integration in communications, scientific computing, industrial computing and other fields.

She believes that computing power network, as the leading ICT innovation technology promoted in China, has achieved fruitful results in the past year. SASE is an important part of the development process of computing power network integration. In the future, we should continue to make breakthroughs in many aspects such as technology, product services, and practical applications in order to follow the development trend.

Challenges and responses in SASE practice: single supplier

Xiaofang An, senior product expert of NOVA Technology, gave a special speech on SASE at the meeting. She introduced NOVA Technology’s integrated cloud network security service "NOVACLOUD SASE" in detail, analyzed the challenges in the practice of SASE, and gave some suggestions. Coping suggestions.

Xiaofang An, senior product expert at NOVA Technology

Xiaofang An believes that there are currently two main challenges in SASE practice: First, it is difficult for enterprises to accept new changes in network management architecture. SASE integrates network access and security. Two different teams may be responsible for these functions within the organization. Team integration is a challenge; in addition, the integration and simplification of SASE core indicates that SASE should be provided by a single vendor, and it is difficult to find the right one. vendors to deploy SASE architecture

As a rare provider of "single-vendor SASE solutions" in the industry, NOVA Technology has its own high-quality backbone network all over the world, mature SD-WAN capabilities, and professional NOC and SOC teams, which can provide one-stop services for enterprises. to solve network and security issues.

Relevant persons in charge of various enterprises on site communicated with experts and conducted in-depth discussions on the application value, future development direction, practical difficulties and response methods of SASE. The company representative on the scene said: "Although SASE is a relatively new concept and product, we have been using it for a while and encountered some problems in the process. Through today's exchanges with experts, we have gained a lot. The company will continue to There will also be new ideas for improvement.”

In the future, NOVA Technology will continue to delve into business scenarios, actively promote technological research and innovation, continue to meet the diverse needs of users with more secure, complete, efficient and affordable solutions, and work with partners to create a bright future for the digital economy.