NOVA Technology won the title of "Active Defense Unit" in Futian District's network security attack and defense drill!


On October 16, the Cyberspace Affairs Office of the Futian District Committee of the Communist Party of China, together with the Futian Public Security Bureau and the Futian District Government Service Data Management Bureau, organized a summary meeting of the "Futian District Network Security Offensive and Defense Drill "Futian District 2023" to report on the "Futian District Network Security Offense and Defense Drill" Relevant information was provided, and certificates were issued to representatives of the attacking and defensive units. NOVA Technology Co., Ltd., as the defender, won the title of "Active Defensive Unit"!

As a key enterprise in Futian District, NOVA Technology participated in Futian District's "2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Drill". Under the guidance of relevant units in the district, it tested its own risk discovery and attack handling capabilities to help ensure the overall network security of the district.

This exercise distinguishes between attackers and defenders. The attackers use various attack techniques to obtain various permissions such as the target unit's system and host, and create system data leaks, supply chain and other security risks for the defenders.

As the defender, NOVA Technology reinforced the company's network system during the 5 days of the exercise and conducted 24/7 monitoring. When an attack was received, it carried out active defense through machine defense + human defense, and handled and repaired it according to the emergency plan process. All relevant security vulnerabilities were identified and security protection was successfully completed.

As a network security service provider, NOVA Technology not only demonstrated efficient self-defense capabilities in this attack and defense drill, but also demonstrated the network security protection capabilities of network security products and services represented by "NOVACLOUD SASE". "NOVACLOUD SASE" has also been highly recognized by customers since its launch.

The title of "Active Defense Unit" is the recognition of NOVA Technology's network security defense capabilities by the district authority, and is also an encouragement for NOVA Technology to continue to deepen its efforts in the field of network security. NOVA Technology will continue to provide high-quality, high-level network security products and services, and contribute to building a solid network defense front in Futian District and reinforcing the network security boundary.